Luxury BBQ Huts |Promotional Film | Arctic Cabins


When i was asked to make a ProMo film of a BBQ Lodge i did not expect to fall in love with it. The BBQ Lodges are so cool, as you enter they appear to expand like a Tardis they feel much bigger on the inside. You can cook, chill, hang out and evan sleep in these bad boys. One day……

Arctic Cabins Ltd is a Barbecue Cabin manufacturer and retailer. They have been making and selling Barbecue Cabins for more than 15 years. the team are a professional, experienced team of cabin manufacturers, project management specialists and cabin fitters. They have built and installed many cabins over the years and have many happy customers.

Based in Derbyshire, on the Derbyshire Nottingham border, we make all our cabins and we have an extensive show site displaying over 15 cabins and timber buildings.