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I am a film maker based in Devon. Along side action Sports films and commercial work I create beautiful cinematic wedding films.

I does not matter who you are, when we have a camera put in our face we change, we become unnatural and a little embarrassed.

Every Wedding day starts like this, the last thing you need is more stress, but I have the skills to turn this around, I will break the ice early and then everyone will start to have some fun. All the families and friends I meet are so happy to be part of the couples big day they soon relax. My aim is to melt into the background. I get a massive buzz when people say “its like your part of the family” getting every shot but not getting in the way.

But there is the other side of the coin, couples willing to go the extra mile to get something special.

Walking through a muddy field to get to a gorgeous corn field, walking through the city streets in your wedding dress or having a drone fly over your head. The couples that choose me to produce there wedding film are willing to do something out of the ordinary and have fun doing it.

Devon-film maker-tim joiner+PINCreative Devon Film Maker

By using the latest in Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones to you and me) with Micro Four Thirds cameras that can be controlled remotely to get aerial shots that amaze every time. The ceiling has been lifted on limits.

“Do I film the whole ceremony with a drone?” ahh no, that would be a little noisy and the hours spent on hair and makeup would be blown out the door. The Cannon 5D mk3 is my weapon of choice. I come fully loaded with back up to cover every eventuality. Even a waterproof camera if your really adventurous.

On the day of a wedding the film makers has many hats, so I need the right tools.

When I’m not at weddings I’m editing or flying, I feel blessed to work from my home in the sleepily village slap bang in the middle of Devon.

As soon as the works done its time to play… My amazing wife and the grommets (my kids) get packed into the car laden with bouncy bikes, surf boards or BMXs. I have an addiction to adrenaline and have found the best ways to get a hit is to send myself, off a mountain a wave or a quarter pipe usually closely flowed by the faithful hound, Chester.